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Privacy Policy

We understand the importance of keeping your personal information private, and that’s why we are very committed to it. We will make sure you will never have to worry about the safety of the information you submit to us.

With that being said, we are going to explain everything in this Privacy Policy. Read the following paragraphs carefully and find out how we are protecting your privacy.

What Personal Information Are We Collecting?

What Personal Information Are We Collecting?

On this platform, we collect personal and non-identifiable information. Both of us help us in a way or another, and they are necessary for making improvements to the site and making sure the platform works properly for you. Here is exactly what information we are collecting from you:

  1. Information About Your Use of the Services
  • Information about how you are browsing the website
  • Information about what device is used to check out our platform and use the services (it may include your browser type, operating system, model, IP address and other similar data)
  • Information about the way you interact with our services and products
  • Phone calls (if you call us for any reason, we may have to record the calls so we have proof of whether we carried out your instructions properly or not; they also help us train our staff to perform better, improve the services and even find and prevent fraud or other similar crimes)
  • Information that you shared with us or information that is made public, such as your profiles on social media


  1. Information You Give Us at Registration
  • Personal identifiable information that includes your name, telephone or mobile number, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, postal address, email address, gender, and others.
  • A username and password that you can choose
  • Proof of your address and photographic identification
  • Banking details (we need these so we can establish what payment method you are going to go with to purchase our services)


  1. Other Types of Information
  • Sources available publicly; for instance, postcode lookup
  • Information that we are getting from different organizations and our partners in business; these can be companies that are specialized in fraud prevention or verification services
  • Sometimes, we may have to use third party information about you, especially when it comes to giving you certain personalized services; this data may be taken from your social media feeds such as your Twitter or Facebook profiles; this lets us get to know you on a different level and thus make a much better personalization
Why Are We Collecting Data?

As mentioned before, we are collecting identifiable and non-identifiable information.

Non-identifiable information is being collected in order to help us see what you’re doing on the website, as well as the amount of time you spend on the platform and many other things. The information is being collected when you access the platform or purchase our products and services. By collecting it, we will be able to know what people are mostly interested in here and make changes to the site according to that.

On the other hand, identifiable information allows us to know who you are and thus help make sure you are someone with good intent and an honest person overall. We will be able to keep track of you and your activity on the site and thus make sure you are not engaging in any fraudulent activity. Not to mention, identifiable information will also allow us to provide you with the services you are here for in the first place, which is automatically beneficial for you.

Improving our website to work better and offer more to our customers is something we’re always looking forward to. We want our users to have the best experience with sports betting and collecting some information from you is one of the things that can help us achieve this goal.

Additionally, this data will help us contact you in case we need to let you know about certain actions we may have to take or reach back to you when you need assistance. Subscribing to our newsletter also makes it necessary for us to have your contact information such as your email address, so we know where to send the news.

In some situations, we may conduct some surveys and we will need our clients to complete them. This is yet another situation where your personal information is required, as we have to contact you in order to give you the survey.

Collecting information may also be done to comply with certain laws. For example, some areas of the world are restricted from using the website. If we collect information from you, it will help us know where you are from and thus know if you are allowed to use the site or not. More than that, if we have a special website for your particular territory, your information will help us take you to the right site.

Cookie Collection

Just like most websites, our site collects cookies. They are useful when it comes to getting a personalized experience on the website. When you access our platform, you will have the right to choose if you agree with us collecting cookies from you or not. If you don’t, you may not have access to every page or feature of our platform. If you accept, you may proceed with using all areas of the website with no issues. You may change your answer later if you refuse at first too.

Cookies will be stored in a folder on your computer or laptop. They will pretty much help track how you use the site. If you have preferences for the platform, it will help memorize them the next time you visit the domain.

More than that, we collect different types of cookies too. They are “Session cookies”, “persistent cookies” and “third party cookies”. Session ones are only stored on your computer temporarily, and once you close the current browsing session, they will get deleted automatically. Persistent cookies are the ones stored on your computer for longer, which will only be read by the site. They are usually useful if you’re visiting the platform repeatedly. Third-party cookies, on the other hand, are set by other websites that act as third party analytics.

Sharing with Third Parties

Your personal information will generally not be given to any third party. It will be kept by us only and protected as much as possible. But there are more special scenarios when sharing your personal information is necessary. For example, some third parties that offer services on your behalf may require us to share your data. Legal obligations also need to be met by us, in which case sharing your personal information will be necessary too.

For a more detailed explication, here are some reasons when we might have to share your information with a third party:

  • When we are trying to detect a crime, as well as prosecute it and prevent future crimes from occurring
  • For legal right reasons
  • When we want to be able to reach back to you whenever an inquiry is being made or a question is being asked
  • When we need to make tests for potential new systems or look whether there are updates for new systems
  • When we’re trying to perform any transactional analysis

Another situation when your personal data may be shared is if you are breaching the rules. That being said, if you are doing anything fraudulent, the legal authorities will be announced and we will have to share personal information with them.

Will We Keep Your Personal Information for a Long Time?

Personal information has to be kept for legal reasons and not only. While you’re a member of the site, your data will be useful in many ways, such as knowing who you are, giving you access to products and services, letting you deposit and withdraw money, and so on. Therefore, we will have to retain it for a while. But if you will decide to leave the website, we may still not completely erase all the information we have about you.

The information will have to be kept for a while after that too, for legal reasons, especially if someone is going to start a legal claim after they stop using a service. To avoid any bad scenarios, we will need your data. It will be kept for a few additional years after you are leaving the platform.

However, despite being kept for longer, we will still respect your privacy and make sure the information is not disclosed to anyone.

Changes to the Policy

It shouldn’t be a surprise that information on this page may be updated at different points in time. We will ask you to check the page once in a while because we will feature the date of the update here too, thus making you aware that something was changed or added to the content.

You have the right to not agree to the new changes, but you have to stop using the site if that is the case. On the other hand, if you are still using the site afterward, it means you agree to the changes.